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Train remotely 

Take face-to-face training online with live lessons and webinars hosted directly in the Thinkific platform.

Integrated reporting

View Student Engagement Reporting to see the progress and completion of Live Lessons

Support during the public health crisis

Whether you’re looking to reach a university class of hundreds, a fitness class of fifty, or provide a one-on-one coaching session, Thinkific Live Lessons can support your needs to adapt to the global pandemic. 

We are offering the integration for free on all Thinkific plan levels until December 31st, 2020 to get you started. 

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic has meant that businesses and schools are being tasked with quickly bringing their content online. By combining Zoom’s video and webinar capabilities with Thinkific's powerful and easy-to-use online course builder, you’re able to start teaching faster with blended learning. 

Introducing the Thinkific Zoom Integration

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Take your offline teaching online

What plan level is required to access the Zoom integration?

To support businesses looking to rapidly get their courses online, we are offering the Zoom integration for free on all Thinkific plan levels for six months.

What type of Zoom account do you need to use Live Lessons? 

To use Live Lessons with Zoom, you’ll need a Free Zoom account to schedule a Zoom Meeting.

For Zoom Webinars, you need a Pro Zoom account with the optional Video Webinar add-on included.

How do I get started? 

Easily connect your Zoom account within the Integrations section of your Thinkific Admin Dashboard. Then, you can schedule Live Lessons in your courses through Zoom Meetings and Webinars!

For more info, go here.

FAQs about Zoom Integration

Rapid content deployment

Rapidly turn your expertise into a lesson by delivering live lectures and recording them for future course content.

Blended learning experience

Combine the engagement of a live classroom with the structure and ease-of-use of Thinkific’s course builder.

Connect with your students faster with live Zoom meetings and webinars integrated right in the Course Builder.

Rapidly Turn Your Expertise Into Engaging Courses With Thinkific Live Lessons

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By entering your email here you are consenting to receive emails from Thinkific. Find out more by visiting our Privacy Policy

Copyright Thinkific 2020

Copyright Thinkific 2020

“With Thinkific’s new Live Lesson feature, it makes it even easier than ever to now connect with your audience and deliver live training or coaching. Best of all, since your audience does not have to leave the member area, they will be more engaged and highly focused on you.”

- ROB GALVIN, Thinkific Expert