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Thinkific Plus is the learning management system that gives your high growth, high volume business the scalability, flexibility, and reliability to provide online education the way you want it. 

The Salesforce integration gives your team control over how the most important data to your organization is used or displayed. See the true impact education has on your bottom line by generating powerful reports that tie together Salesforce contacts and Thinkific user data.

Bring your data into one powerful CRM


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What plan level is required to access the Salesforce Integration?

The integration Salesforce is only available on our Thinkific Plus plan. Learn more about Thinkific Plus at

How do I get started?

You will need to integrate your Salesforce Instance (Salesforce Lightning Experience) with each of your Think schools. Please work with your internal Salesforce administrator and follow the instructions in the PDF guide here. Your Thinkific Customer Success Manager (CSM) is available for all troubleshooting and questions.

Note: as of June 2020, the integration is not yet live on the Salesforce AppExchange as we wait for approval for listing from Salesforce.

Where do I go to learn more?

For more info, go here.

FAQ’s About Salesforce Integration

Copyright Thinkific 2020

Copyright Thinkific 2020

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You’ll be granted priority access to our award-winning support, partner-specific resources, and member-only training materials to help you better serve your customers.

Measure learner impact

Track how customers are engaging with your content and generate powerful reports that tie together Salesforce contacts and Thinkific user data to get a true understanding of the impact online education has on your bottom line.

Enrich your existing CRM with data from your Thinkific students, course progress, and completion rates across all of your Thinkific sites. No more manual data replication of your LMS instances to your CRM. 

Combine CRM and user data

Track lead generation and sales opportunities for prospects that interact with your online courses and merge them directly into your sales funnel.

Build your funnel

Track learner progress to drive product adoption

Monitor learner progress to identify the gaps in your training programs and make data-driven, informed decisions on how to improve your content and support your customers better.

Why use the Thinkific Plus Salesforce integration?

Thinkific Plus sets you up with a minimum of three Thinkific sites to meet all of your customers, partners, and employee education needs. Whether you’re using multiple sites for branding B2B education portals, reaching your users in different languages, or supporting employee groups with unique learning environments, the Salesforce Integration brings together all of your Thinkific user data in one place to create powerful, unified reports.

Access data from multiple Thinkific sites in Salesforce

Talk to our solutions team

Introducing the Thinkific Salesforce Integration. Empower your team by bringing all of your customer education data into the world’s most popular and powerful CRM.

Measure business impact and customer engagement in one place.

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