Live Lessons allow you to schedule and host live interactive video lessons directly within Thinkific using Zoom.

Engage your audience with live content in your Thinkific courses

To help you navigate current economic uncertainty, this Pro level feature is currently available on all plans (including free & legacy plans).

Live Lessons are available on all plans until December 31, 2020

Interactive learning experience

Engage with your students directly — one on one, in small groups, or a larger audience.

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Quickly schedule, set up and deliver interactive video lessons, directly within Thinkific.

Easy to manage 

Integrated reporting

With Live Lessons now hosted directly in Thinkific, you can see a holistic view of your students' progress and course completion rates.

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More coming soon

Live Lessons are launching in beta today, so you can schedule and manage Zoom meetings and webinars right in Thinkific, and your students can experience interactive live content right in your Course Player.

Currently, you can only schedule one-off (not recurring) meetings, and you can upload the recording into a video lesson after the event.

As it’s a beta, we’ll also be looking for feedback on improvements you’d like to see. Try Live Lessons out and let us know what you think at

Get started with Live Lessons now

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Copyright Thinkific 2020

Copyright Thinkific 2020

“With Thinkific’s new Live Lesson feature, it makes it easier than ever to connect with your audience and deliver live training or coaching.

Best of all, since your audience does not have to leave the member area, they will be more engaged and highly focused on you.”

- ROB GALVIN, Thinkific Expert